Since 1971, the State Public Affairs Committee of the Junior Leagues of California has represented the interests of its member leagues and the groups or issue areas addressed by their projects to policy makers at the state and local levels.

The collective voice of this non-partisan group represents nearly 12,000 women in 16 communities across the state. Advocacy efforts are limited to those issue areas that pertain to member projects and focus areas. This volunteer group of trained lobbyists are change makers in California, carrying a strong voice. California SPAC has passed many pieces of sponsored legislation. This year alone The State Public Affairs Committee passed ACR 105, the Perinatal Depression Awareness Resolution. From May 2010 forward, each month of May in California will be Perinatal Depression Awareness Month.

California SPAC Facts:

90 Community Projects

1150 Project volunteers

$1,225,000 distributed to communities through project funds, grants and gifts

"Our League was organized as a means of expressing the feeling of social responsibility for the conditions which surround us. We have the responsibility and the opportunity to conscientiously act to affect our environment."

These words of Junior League founder Mary Harriman, spoken in 1912, still accurately reflect the intent of the 35 State Public Affairs Committees and the 283 member leagues of the Association of Junior Leagues International.

SPAC Sub-Committees

Members research bills that affect Junior League project areas, then present them to SPAC for a vote to support or oppose.

Members of SPAC:

  • Advocate for specific legislation relevant to member league issues
  • Educate Junior League members
  • Coordinate the exchange of information from community based league projects to policy makers

Education Sub-Committee

SPAC is committed to ensuring that all children and young adults receive educational opportunities that are developmentally appropriate, increase achievement and lead to workplace marketability.

Family Support Sub-Committee

SPAC is committed to advocating for programs and policies that promote the physical and emotional well-being of families.

Health Sub-Committee

SPAC is committed to advocating for better access to quality health care and prevention programs that will improve the mental and physical health of our community members.

Violence Sub-Committee

SPAC is committed to addressing the impact of violence on our community members through prevention, intervention and education.

The Junior League of Fresno is proud to be an active member of The State Public Affairs Committee. 

For More information visit: - the official CA SPAC web page - access to CA bills, laws, Legislature info, etc. - access to Congressional bills, Senators, Representatives, etc.

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