Supported Legislation

Junior League of Fresno is proud to support specific legislation that can and will impact the lives of children living in foster care in the State of California. Each year membership is educated about the key policy changes that are being discussed by our local representatives. The JLF Board, through the representation of CalSPAC, votes to support or oppose legislative changes

Click on the links below to read more about the legislation that JLF has supported.

AB 1599 (Cunningham) Peace Officers: Release of Records
AB 1929 (Rubio) Child abuse and neglect reporting
AB 1963 (Chu) Child abuse or neglect
AB 2007 (Salas) Rural health clinic; telehealth

AB 6 (Reyes) Early Childhood Education
AB 16 (Rivas, L.) Homeless Children and Youths
AB 123 (McCarty) Early Childhood Education: state preschool program: transitional kindergarten
AB 124 (McCarty) Childcare: local planning councils
AB 125 (McCarty) Early Childhood Education: Reimbursement Rates
AB 302 (Berman) Parking: homeless students
AB 324 (Aguiar-Curry) Childcare services: state subsidized childcare: professional support stipends
AB 1623 (Rivas, R.) Teaching Credential: teacher recruitment: Golden State Teacher Grant Program
AB 1663 (Rivas, L. ) California State Library; Lunch at the Library Program
AB 1725 (Carillo) After School Education and Safety Program: funding and grant amounts
SCR 15 (Chang) Relative to Women and Girls in STEM week
Family Support
AB 66 (Gonzalez) Police: use of force
AB 67 (Rivas, L.) Individuals or families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness
AB 330 (Gabriel) Appointed  legal counsel in civil cases
AB 337 (Quirk-Silva) Foster care payments: reasonable travel reimbursement for school
AB 702 (Rivas, L.) Homeless Coordinating & Financing Council
SB 10 (Beall) Mental Health Services: peer support specialist certification
SB 12 (Beall) Mental health services: youth
AB 31 (Garcia, C.) Sales and use taxes: exemption: menstrual hygiene products
SB 138 (Roth) Pupil health: type 1 diabetes information: parent notification
SB 207 (Hurtado) Elections: voter registration: partisan primary elections
SB 331 (Hurtado) Suicide prevention: strategic plans
AB 1336 (Smith) Child health and safety fund
AB 1689 (McCarty) College Mental Health Services Program
Human Trafficking
SB 35 (Chang) Human Trafficking: California ACTS Task Force
AB 135 (Cervantes) Sex crimes: communication with a minor
SB 630 (Stern) Human Trafficking
Violence Prevention
AB 61 (Ting) Gun violence restraining orders
SB 141 (Bates) Parole: sexually violent offenses: validated risk assessment
AB 189 (Kamlager-Dove) Child abuse or neglect: mandated reporters: autism service personnel
AB 640 (Frazier) Sex crimes: investigation and prosecution

SB 213 (Mitchell) Expanding Foster Child Placements
AB 1567 (Holden) Data Sharing for College Bound Transitional Age Youth
SB 12 (Beall) Foster Youth in Higher Education
AB 507 (Rubio) Foster Youth: Family Plan
SB 332 (Stern) Voter Registration Opportunities for Foster Youth
AB 776 (Friedman) Supervised independent living placement
AB 1375 (Dababneh) Foster care: placements: database

2015 – 2016
AB 1849 (Gipson) Foster youth: transition to independent living: health insurance coverage – Chaptered 9/25/16
AB 1879 (McCarty) Foster youth: permanency – Amended- 4/13/16
AB 2506 (Thurmond) Student financial aid: Chafee grant awards – Chaptered 9/16/16
SB 906 (Beall) Public postsecondary education: priority enrollment systems – Chaptered 9/21/16