What are the minimum requirements for a New Member?

New members joining the Junior League of Fresno must complete the New Member course. The New Member course is a required period of orientation that begins in August and concludes in May. The New Member course provides education and training about the structure of the Junior League, along with its history and role in the community.  

Successful completion of the New Member course prepares a woman for active membership in one of the many Junior League committees. It takes commitment to meet the obligations, but the rewards include giving back to the Fresno community through various projects, fundraisers, training and education opportunities, and making lifelong friendships with other League members.


  • Attendance of Four (4) Monthly General Membership Meetings (First Monday of the month)
  • New members will attend (1) Super Saturday for onboarding training
  • Two (2) Community Service Hours/Projects (beginning to end of project)
  • Participation in Two (2) Mini Fundraiser Events
  • Committee Placement


  • Active and New Membership Fee of $300.00 to include an SGA ticket (valued at $40.00) $150 due (May 1) and $150 due (October 1)