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January 2016 – President’s Message

Someone once told me not to bite off more than I could chew.  I said I’d rather choke on greatness than nibble on mediocrity

~ Unknown

This quote pretty much summarizes the 2015 year for me.  2015 was probably one of the busiest and most eventful years of my life - JLF Presidency, dealing with and grieving the loss of a pregnancy, accepting and beginning a new job after 10 years with the same company, selling our home, and purchasing a new one. It feels as though I blinked and 2015 was over. 

Things do not appear to be slowing down though…..As many of you know, January kicks off the “busy season” for Junior League. In the Spring we have so many events:  Senior Girl Athlete Awards banquet, Breakfast at Tiffany’s fundraiser, New Member class project, Past President’s luncheon, June Dinner Meeting, the slating of the Nominating committee and Leadership positions and the list goes on and on. 

Please, I encourage you all to roll-up your sleeves and dive right in.  What you get out of your JLF experience is directly related to what you put in it. I encourage you to follow your heart and get involved wherever you can.  Strive for greatness. Even if you choke a bit, I promise, it will be so much more rewarding than mediocrity.

 I have loved every minute of serving as your President and I can’t believe the term is more than half way over. I hope you and your families had a wonderful holiday season and I look forward to serving you in the first half of 2016.

Very Truly,

Angela Grim

2015-16 JLF President


December 2015 – President’s Message

I am one of those people who start listening to Christmas music in the beginning of November. 

I can hardly wait to get my REAL Christmas tree purchased and decorated.  I love to go look at Christmas lights and watch Christmas movies.  I love to light fires in the fireplace, turn on my Christmas tree lights and just feel the magic of the season.  It is the only time of year that I eagerly check my mail every day, and can’t help ooh and ahh over the beautiful Christmas cards that we are blessed to receive.  It is truly the happiest time of the year for me.  Additionally, my family has a TON of traditions that are wrapped up in this holiday season--ornaments that we collect, food that we eat, activities that we do, calls that me make on Christmas Eve morning and they go on and on!  All of these traditions bring back so many happy memories.  It makes me so thankful that I am blessed that I have a home, family, the means to provide gifts for loved ones and the faith that makes me remember the real reason for this season.

I recognize that not everyone has the same way that they spend this time of year.  There are many people who are lonely, lost or in need, and I’m certain that this time of the year is probably dreaded.

Fortunately, we belong to an organization where we try to bring light, (even if it is brief) into the lives of people who are suffering or down on their luck.  Although we certainly don’t have the ability to single-handedly solve the larger problems in our community, we have ways to help brighten this season- providing Christmas presents, warm meals and one on one time with people.  What a wonderful feeling that can provide for them, and for us!

However you choose to spend your holiday, I hope it is filled with love, laughter and blessings.

Merry Christmas wishes to you,

Angela Grim

2015-16 JLF President


November 2015 – President’s Message

While I was at Target earlier this month, I saw the cutest wooden sign that lights up and says, “Thankful”.  I loved it, bought it and came home and immediately put it on my mantle.  As I run in and out of my house with my very busy schedule, I pass by the sign every day.  It wasn’t until this weekend when I was exhausted and complaining to myself that I never have any free time for myself that I really studied that sign.  

It hit me like a ton of bricks.  I have become so busy and so consumed with life, that I have become too busy to express gratitude and be thankful.  How pathetic is that?  I realized in that moment that I don’t want to live like that anymore. 

I am making a vow that I am going to take more time to be thankful.  2015 has been a year of great sadness and great joy.  While I don’t want to forget about the sadness, I am choosing to focus on the joy.  Not only am I going to be more thankful, I am also going to THANK. 

Many of us use the month of November as a reminder to express gratitude.  I encourage you to do that.  It doesn’t have to be the public type of gratitude that you post of Facebook, but whatever way works for you.  I have decided that I am going to take time to reflect everyday on the things that I am thankful for (the sign on my mantle will be a great reminder) and then I am going to express that gratitude in whatever way appropriate. 

New, Active and Sustaining members of Junior League of Fresno, I cannot tell you how much you mean to me.  I have said it before and I will say it again, JLF has changed my life.  Your talents have inspired me to stretch mine.  Your creativity and work ethic have taught me.  Your passion has ignited my passion.  Your friendships have gotten me through some very difficult times.  It is because of all of you that I wanted this placement.  I am thankful for the opportunity to serve you!

Thank you,

Angela Grim

2015-16 JLF President


October 2015 – President’s Message 

When I think of October, I think of Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, football games and The Big Fresno Fair.  Maybe it’s the farming background in me, but I also always think about farmers receiving their proceeds from their harvest.   

This year, I invite you to enjoy the fruits of your labor through the Grand Opening of the Discovery Youth Garden.  This project has been three years in the making.  Junior League of Fresno has dedicated $30,000 to the efforts of this project.  We will forever be a part of the history of the Junior League because of the lasting impact that this garden will have on school aged children from the six counties that visit the Discovery Center each year.  This is our chance to make our mark in the Junior League of Fresno history. 

But first, I ask you for the gut-check moment…have you put your time, talent and treasure into this project?  Can you tell your children, grandchildren, friends and co-workers that you were part of this legacy?  If the answer isn’t yes; there is still time. We have a lot of work to do before October 24th.  I encourage you to come, help, solicit and share.  We need volunteers, we need publicity and we need donations to complete the project.   

Pick your niche, get involved and be proud to say that you personally contributed to this project. When the month comes to an end, I want all of us to be proud of the fruits of our labor and enjoy the continuing harvest that we have created that the children in our community can begin cultivating. 

Yours in service,

Angela Grim

2015-16 JLF President


August 2015 – President’s Message 

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

- Maria Robinson, Author 

This quote resonates with me because it gives me hope that through our newly selected issue, Aging out of Foster Care, we can help young people in our community start a new ending.  

If you were at the June dinner meeting, you were probably just as startled as I was to see the statistics: only 31 percent of foster youth graduate from high school; within 2 years of aging out, 25 percent are involved in the criminal justice system; and by age 21, 71 percent of the women are pregnant, on public assistance and part of the child welfare system. With the help of our Community Impact Committee, the Junior League of Fresno is ready to link arms with other organizations and improve these statistics and create new endings for these young people. What a privilege, to be part of making such a difference in people’s lives! 

The transition to a focused issue also allows the Board to govern in a more strategic direction in the future. The Nominating Committee is ready to slate new leaders who want to establish their JLF “career path.” If you have been thinking about putting your personal and professional skills to use in League and feel that you have ideas that can help continue our strategic direction, I encourage you to consider self-nominating for the 2016-17 Board of Directors. 

We have a new year full of excitements and challenges. We are gearing up to host our 35th Annual Senior Girl Athlete Awards banquet and have the huge set the goal of record-breaking fundraising through Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The Advisory Planning Committee is also looking at ways that our selected issue can assist with additional funding strategies in the future. 

Now is the time to jump on board and choose all of the places that you dream of going with the Junior League of Fresno. I am excited to serve with you this year as you chart your course and begin creating your new ending! 

Yours in service,

Angela Grim

2015-16 JLF President

May 2015: Junior League of Fresno’s President, Lindsay Callahan, Wins HandsOn Central California Award

FRESNO, CA – May 3, 2015 – At a luncheon held at the Clovis Veterans

Memorial Hall on April 15, Lindsay Callahan, the Junior League of Fresno president was honored as one of the Hands Across the Valley Volunteers of the Year by HandsOn Central California. Lindsay was recognized as Adult Volunteer of the Year for her outstanding community service.


“I’m truly humbled to be honored among the other winners of this year’s Volunteers of the Year,” said Lindsay. “I am proud to fulfill the Junior League of Fresno’s mission to serve the women and children of our valley.”


In addition to the luncheon, the volunteers were honored by Mayor Ashley Swearengin at Fresno City Hall on April 14. “If it weren’t for you (volunteers), our communities would definitely suffer,” Swearengin said of the winners 47th annual Hands Across the Valley Volunteer of the Year awards.


A passionate advocate for children, youth, and families, Lindsay has worked in the non-profit, foundation and public policy worlds for over 15 years. In addition to her work with the Junior League of Fresno, Lindsay currently works for the Fresno County Office of Education in the Visual and Performing Arts Department.  She is responsible for promoting arts education for all children in the county of Fresno.


A busy working mom with three kids, Lindsay inspires the hundreds of Junior League of Fresno volunteers to give more and get more. As president, she has committed herself to helping all women (in League and in the community) be a little bit better. Whether through leadership training, mentorship or a charitable act, Lindsay loves to give back.


The Junior League of Fresno, is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

June 2014: JLF Announces 55th President, Lindsay Callahan

The Junior League of Fresno hosted their annual June dinner meeting and annouced the incoming president for 2014-15, Lindsay Callahan. 

Lindsay Callahan is honored to serve as 55th President of the Junior League of Fresno. She has been a member since 2008 and is an active leader in the Junior League of Fresno and the Fresno community. Lindsay has served in a number of roles in League including serving as Finance Vice-President.

A passionate advocate for children, youth, and families, Lindsay has worked in the non-profit world for over a decade. In 2005, she started a successful local organization called the Central Valley Afterschool Foundation. That organization soon grew into the Central Valley Children’s Partnership. She is currently a Senior Program Manager with RHA, program design and management firm, responsible for implementing a portion of Covered California, the state’s health benefit exchange.

Lindsay was raised in Clovis and attended Clovis schools before receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from UC Davis and her Master’s Degree of Public Policy and Administration from Sacramento State. She and her husband Kevin returned to Clovis after their first child Patrick was born in 2004. Kevin and Lindsay have three children, Patrick, Keith, and Lauren. In her spare time Lindsay loves to write, run, and read.

April 2014: Senior Girl Athlete Awards - Interview with KSEE24 News

The Junior League of Fresno has proudly hosted Senior Girl Athlete, an award ceremony recognizing 22 female high school senior athletes for the past 33 years. Click below to see KSEE 24 News Reporter, Alex Delgado interview Shayna Telesmanic, our 2014 SGA Chair and Lindsay Callahan, our 2014 President-Elect about this year's event.

March 2014: Breakfast at Tiffany's - Interview with KSEE 24 News

Click below to see a video of our Finance VP, Angela Grim telling viewers about Breakfast at Tiffany's, our 9th annual spring fundraiser which includes a fashion show, champagne brunch, silent auction and more!

April 2013: Reedley Exponent Recognizes Local Senior Girl Athlete

Carissa Arias, receipient of the Reedley High School Senior Girl Athlete award is recognized in the local newspaper:

July 2012: JLF Members Participate in a Healthcare Discussion Forum

A group of our JLF members met with other Valley residents in our community to discuss the "Great Healthcare Debate". The discussion was aired on PBS, watch the video here:

May 2010: The State Public Affairs Committee Sponsors Nava Measure

ACR 105 Increases Awareness for Women & Families who Suffer from Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders.

Assembly member Pedro Nava announced that his Assembly Concurrent Resolution 105, sponsored by the Junior Leagues of California State Public Affairs Committee and supported by The Junior League of Fresno, passed the Assembly and Senate Floors and was Chaptered this week.

Read More

October 2009: Rep. Jim Costa Pays Tribute to the Women of JLF

In celebration of Junior League of Fresno's 50th anniversary, Rep. Jim Costa recognized our efforts to improve the community and help women and children in need.

"Madam Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to all of the women of the Junior League of Fresno, California on this occasion of their 50th anniversary aptly recognized as, ``Women Building Better Communities.''

In 1948, the Service League of Fresno was formed and within the course of eleven years, it was accepted into the Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. Each year since their inception, 20,000 hours of voluntary service time has been generously provided by the women of the Junior League of Fresno. As a result of their years of commitment, over one million hours of service has been given to the community of Fresno by members of the Junior League. Since 1959, it has raised more than $3,000,000 toward community projects in the areas of children, health, social services, education, women's issues and cultural arts.

Meeting the needs of their community has been and continues to be the Junior League's highest priority. Members research, develop, manage and support projects in conjunction with community partners, concentrating on areas where resources are nominal and where they can have the most meaningful impact.

Throughout the years, projects and organizations the Junior League has championed include: Break the Barriers, The Central California Blood Mobile, Children's Hospital Central California; The Craycroft Youth Shelter; The Discovery Center; Exceptional Parents Unlimited; Firefighters Creating Memories; Footsteps Child Bereavement Program; The Fresno Art Museum; the Fresno County Shot Mobile Immunization Clinic; the Fresno Metropolitan Museum; The Marjaree Mason Center; The Ronald McDonald House; The Sanctuary Youth Center; and Senior Girl Athlete Awards Banquet.

The Junior League believes, as do I, that volunteers make a powerful difference in the community. Their service, advocacy, leadership roles and mentoring have touched countless lives throughout our community. I ask my colleagues to join me in recognizing this wonderful group of women as the Junior League of Fresno celebrate their 50th Anniversary of ``Women Building Better Communities.''

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