The Little Black Dress Initiative

5 days, 1 dress, a world of difference!

The History of the Little Black Dress Initiative
Little Black Dress Initiative (LBDI) originated in 2014 by the Junior League of London to shine a light on the issues surrounding  poverty and living with limited resources. Since then many Leagues have adopted this initiative as a social media-driven fundraising campaign.

Participants wear a black dress or outfit for five consecutive days and are encouraged to harness the power of their social networks. By wearing the same dress or outfit each day for one work week, each participant is illustrating the effects poverty can have on a woman’s access to resources, confidence, and opportunities.

JLF’s LBDI 2022
This year, Junior League of Fresno is hosting the LBDI on TBD. Our hope is to drive widespread awareness of our mission-based focus area: Foster Youth Aging Out.

Members can advocate by:

  1. Signing up & Participating!
  2. Wear a black dress or outfit: We will be raising funds and awareness to help make an impact on the Foster Youth in our community by wearing one black dress and the button “Ask me about my dress!” for five days during LBDI week (TBD).
  3. Post each day: Post each day to social media a picture of you wearing your black dress or outfit and include an awareness or statistic about Foster Youth. Don’t have social media, that’s okay, share a picture of yourself in your outfit or dress via text message or email to friends and family.
  4. Encourage donations for our mission-based efforts in the community: A special link will be issued to include in your social media posts that will directly raise money to help JLF’s mission.




For more information contact our Fundraising Chair at .